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Service Contracts

From filter change-outs to equipment repairs, Fluid Energys' on-site service keeps your system running smoothly and frees up your company’s maintenance personnel. Your Fluid Energys Authorized Service Center will customize a service agreement for your preventive maintenance program. For more information on our products and services, simply give us a call (704) 846-2999.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule

All compressed air systems are vulnerable to damage from a variety of solid, liquid and gas contaminants. The most common contaminants are water and oil. Water contributes to corrosion, while liquid oil and water droplets erode and clog air system components.

Better air care through Fluid Energys' complete preventive maintenance and service program are essential for complete system-wide effectiveness. Below is an example schedule for desiccant dryers:

  • Check purge settings
  • Check operating conditions (flow,
    temperature, pressure)
  • Check for alarms
  • Check for pre-filter drains
  • Check AQUADEX
  • Check differential pressure
    across system components (psid)

  • Check output dewpoint
  • Inspect filter cartridges
  • Test and calibrate demand
    cycle control

  • Check desiccant
  • Clean, inspect and
    repair valves